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Paver patio with a fire pit

Professional Hard Landscaping

In Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas from GreenScape Innovations

High-quality materials

Competitive prices

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Hard landscaping for your business and home

At GreenScape Innovations, we take great pride in helping our commercial and domestic clients get the very best out of their properties. 
Patios, paths and paving can truly make a difference to any private or commercial outside space.

We will help you create a truly stunning outside area for everyone to enjoy and when you employ our services, you also take advantage of our years of experience and the contacts we have built up in the industry.
This means we can source the very best materials at the very best prices for you!

Outside commercial patio
Nicely paved long driveway

Commercial hard landscaping

Whether for you have a hotel, a public house, an industrial site or other commercial zone, we can provide you with stunning and hard wearing paths, patios and paving to suit your needs. 
At GreenScape Innovations, we pride ourselves on our ability to create foundations that will ensure your commercial hard landscaping needs are met and will last for years to come.

background of floor with paving stones
pathway in the park
Garden Paver Patio with Trellis Japanese Stone Lantern Pagoda Waterfall Pond

Domestic hard landscaping

Professionally laid paths, paving and patios. Giving you and your family an outside space to enjoy.

We only use high quality materials, this ensures that your new hard landscaping project will not only look great but it will also last.
There are a great number of choices, from the type of stone or design to the colour you wish to use. There is something to suit everyone and every property.

Laid to last

At GreenScape Innovations, we understand that the foundations to any patio, paving or path is crucial to ensure it will last. Using our years of experience we will ensure that there is correct drainage so that your property will not flood due to your new installation and excess surface water can soak away. We will also ensure that your new patio, paving or path is also sealed and has the required weed control to ensure unwanted growth will not spring up and damage your new investment.
We take great pride in every project we undertake and take gratitude in knowing we have left your property with something everyone will admire and enjoy.


Garden & Grounds Clearance

Cutting the trees, please see also my other versions of hedge cutting and my other images

Garden & Grounds Maintenance

Wooden fence

Fencing & Decking

Landscaped garden

Garden Projects

Photo showing an unusual boxwood hedging (buxus sempervirens), where the box plants have b

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GreenScape Innovations

For professional domestic and commercial hard landscaping across Hertfordshire. Laying paths, patios, paving and more for your business or home. Contact us using the details below.

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